Pedal Mafia Pedal ID Track Bike Model
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Yamato, in cooperation with Pedal Mafia, presents PEDAL ID in 3D, a line of fully functioning, fully customizable 1/9 scale bicycle models and accessory sets. Think you've seen scaled bicycle models before? Not like these! Check it out! With Yamato's PEDAL ID you can create your own bicycle. Take it apart, mix and match with a host of accessories (saddles, wheels, tires, chains, chainrings, cranks, pedals, handle bars and handle bar stems), and put it all back together to build your own, one-and-only custom bike.

Product Type: 1/9 Scale Bicycle Model
Product Size: 1/9 Scale, Approximately 8.50"
Accessories: Spare Parts, PEDAL ID Custom Tools, Display Stand, Toe Clip, Sticker Decals
Package Type: Window Box

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