Cane Creek 110 Headset - 1-1/8in - 110-year warranty
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Welcome to the new headset benchmark

Headsets lead a hard life, so no wonder that it's hard to find one that gives you 100 percent of what you're looking for. As the originator of the threadless headset, Cane Creek knows more than anyone else how to create the ultimate headset and with the new Cane Creek 110, they've done it all. An exclusive premium alloy. A new split lip seal that keeps contaminants out and grease in, with less drag. A low stack height and honest low weight. Durability backed by a 110-year warranty. And a tapered compression ring that sets bearing preload and stays true (no rocking, no creaking) no matter what or how you ride. With the Cane Creek 110, your headset will always be front and center.

Engineered to outlast

The Cane Creek 110 embodies the sum total of our experience designing and manufacturing high-performance headsets. In developing the Cane Creek 110, they've built upon and refined key Cane Creek innovations, such as Interlok spacers, while rethinking every aspect of the design, from alloy to bearings to compression ring to crown race and on and on.

They've designed and manufactured a few million headsets in their day, so they have some idea of what it takes to create a benchmark, no-compromise design. Cane Creek originated the threadless headset almost 20 years ago, ushering in a better engineered, simpler system for linking the critical steering tube/handlebar interface. Every year since we've been advancing the state-of-the-art, looking for new ways to improve performance and durability.

Interlok Spacers

The Cane Creek 110 comes standard with 17.5 mm of their new color-matched scalloped Interlok spacers. This design provides a solid interface between the top cover and the spacer stack while shaving an additional 25% in weight off a standard alloy spacer stack.

Performance redefined

When they set out to develop a no-compromise product like the Cane Creek 110, any preconceptions about design, materials and manufacturing are abandoned if they don't improve performance. For example, their engineers specify hand-machining only if doing so results in improved performance or durability. If precision, automated fabrication delivers superior results, they chose performance over ideology. They continue to take advantage of every innovation to provide you, the customer, the best component possible. It's another reason their motto is, technology that makes sense.

Hard-Pack Alloy - The cups and spacers are machined from a custom drawn seamless tube of 7050 Plus Aluminum. This unique manufacturing process allows for an incredibly strong material without a weight penalty.

Captured Compression Ring
- Variations in steer tube diameters are common and sometime shims are needed to correct this. The Captured compression ring keeps these shims in place while maintaining the simplicity of the system.

Split Lip Bearing - By incorporating a dual lip design the bearing gets twice the protection of standard headsets while decreasing friction.

Low Weight - Without its spacers or preload assembly, the Cane Creek 110 is a remarkably light 97.5 grams. You won't find a better performing, more durable headset. Finding a lighter one is just as unlikely.