ProGold Spray Lubricant - 12oz
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Developed for the grueling, grimy conditions of off-road bicycle racing, this general-purpose lubricant has the makings of a crossover hit in the woodshop. PG2000 penetrates built-up gunk, dirt and rust, lubricates metal surfaces, and holds off future corrosion. Best of all, PG2000 doesn't attract sawdust, making it an ideal lubricant for squeaky tablesaw trunnions. As a bonus, its remarkable resistance to heat and friction makes it a great cutting fluid for drilling metal. And like any lubricant we recommend, it's silicone-free.

PG2000 goes beyond lubricating - think of it as a metal treatment. ProGold claims it covers metal surfaces with a polarized layer of oil molecules. We're not equipped to chemically test that claim, but we ARE sure PG2000 is slick, tough, and long-lasting.

This product is labeled ORM-D by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Shipping to USA and Canada ONLY!

What does the ORM-D Designtion Mean?

ORM-D is a designation assigned by the U.S. Department of Transportation to note a small amount of material that can be considered a hazardous substance, but packaged in a form intended or suitable for retail sale. Often, the material may be mildly hazardous, but when combined with other hazardous substances, it may represent a significant risk. A simple example is a can of compressed air. Often when cans of compressed air are shipped by airplane, because of the reduced atmospheric pressure resulting from flying at high altitudes, the can of compressed air will explode. While an exploding can of compressed air may not present a significant danger in itself, it can pose a great danger if it explodes in proximity to other volatile products.

How we ship orders that include ORM-D Consumer Commodities.
If your order contains ORM-D consumer commodities mixed in with other bicycle supplies, the entire shipment will be made via UPS Ground (even if you selected 3-day select on your order) to destinations in the U.S and Canada. Since the U.S. Postal Service considers Priority Mail as air, ORM-D commodities cannot be shipped via the Postal Service.

**Since we do not make split shipments, we recommend that you place all ORM-D consumer commodity items on a separate order to ensure faster shipping of your bicycle supplies.