Paul Components MotoLite - Front or Rear - Silver
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The Motolite is here to stay. The design of this product is so nearly perfect that there is no foreseeable reason to ever change it.

The pivot mechanism has an excellent
track record
(first used in 1990), the
(releasing the cable for wheel changes) works so well, and is so simple the only reason it isn't widely copied is because Shimano doesn't use it.

Power is not an issue because it is so abundant, and easily controlled, especially when paired with our levers.

The arms are reversible so the cable can come in from the left or right, and the noodle is lined with Teflon for smooth action.

Very Easy Set-Up: Just mount arms on canti studs, set the pads, and secure the cable. The pads are attached to an adjustable collar that fits around the brake arm greatly increasing the up/down range. This feature is also very helpful when the pads have perfect rim angle adjustment, but need a little more toe in. Loosen the screw and rotate.

Motolite (one wheel)
silver, black
Weight, (no pads)
137 grams
Cable Routing
L or R