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Send a Gift Certificate via USPS


*Enter Special Information Here* is MANDATORY. You need to enter some text in this box

Please DO NOT use ANY coupon codes with a Gift Certificate purchase.  The receiver of the Gift Certificate can use any valid code when the Gift Certificate is used in store, or online.

If you DO use a coupon code with the purchase of a Gift Certificate, ONLY the AMOUT PAID will be applied to the certificate.

This is a "mailed" gift certificate, in which we will ship a physical gift certificate to the shipping address you provide during checkout.

This gift certificate is valid for the Ben's Cycle retail store. This can only be used for walk-in customers; NOT to be used through our online store checkout.

Here is the Gift Certificate Process:

1. You add a Gift Certificate $$ Amount to you cart and checkout. Please add the email and a note for the person you are buying the gift.

2. The gift card will typically be mailed the next workday (depending on when you purchased the Gift Certificate) ** All Gift Certificate purchases made with a Credit Card are ALWAYS verified with the Credit Card company before the funds are released. Because of this, there may be a slight delay in the release of ANY gift certificate purchased with a Credit Card.**

3. After the Gift Certificate is RELEASED, we will mail a physical gift card (along with your message) to the shipping address you have chosen in the checkout.

If the Gift Certificate is intended to be used online, the holder of the certificate must call 1.888.275.5111 and talk to Matt so that the funds can be released to the holders account.

Alternatively, please consider using the "Email Gift Certificate" option if the certificate is to be used for online purchases only.