Frequently Asked Questions

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  I can't login to your new site! I had an account on your old site and my email/password from that site won't work for your new site.

  Why can’t I reset my password through the “forgot your password?” link?


  What’s the easiest way to find a product on your site?

  How do I know if a certain product on your website is in stock and ready to ship?

  I don’t see what I want on your site; can you order it for me?

  How do I convert Millimeters to Inches / Inches to Millimeters?

Price Match

  How does your price match work?


  What restrictions do you have for your coupon use?

  Can I apply a coupon to a previous order?

  Where can I find coupons for your site?

  Can I use a coupon on a special order?


  Can I use more than one coupon per order?

  Why do I keep getting a strange error whenever I try to checkout?

  What kind of payment methods do you accept?

  Paypal does not reflect the correct amount to be charged as was the total in my cart during checkout?


  How do I know if my order has shipped?

  Why is the International Tracking Number for my package wrong? Why does it show the wrong name and address?

Order Issues

  I received the the wrong item; how do I get this fixed?


  How do I return a product?

  Can I exchange a product that I ordered?

  How and when will I be refunded for a return?

  If I return a product, do I have to pay for shipping?


  Do you share any of my information with any other party?

  Why should I sign up for your newsletter? You’ll probably email me twenty times a day.