About Ben's Cycle Rewards and FAQ

We appreciate the customers from around the world who have purchased bicycles and bike products from benscycle.com, making us one of the most popular online cycling sites.

It's our turn to give back to you.

Now when you shop on benscycle.com, you will earn valuable points that you can use to purchase more product in the future. When you go online now, every product has the number of points you can earn.

Here's how it works:

  • Customers automatically earn Reward Points with each order placed.
  • Customers earn 3 points for each dollar spent on benscycle.com.
  • Each product on our site lists possible points earned
  • One point is worth $0.01 in discounts.
  • Points become available to use after 30 days of initial order.
  • Reward points are only available on benscycle.com.
  • Reward points can only be used as discounts for purchases on benscycle.com.
  • Reward points cannot be used for shipping costs or taxes.
  • Points expire after 180 days of availability.
  • Reward Points have no cash value
  • Reward Points cannot be combined with Promotional Coupons

Here's how it works:

  • Earn 1000 Reward Points for every 10 approved reviews (whether you bought the parts from us or not!).
  • That's $10 for giving your constructive two cents on 10 products.
  • We only ask that you write semi-detailed reviews that can help other customers
  • Cut and paste reviews will not be approved for the rewards program - sorry
  • 100 reviews max per calendar year per customer

Our system keeps track of your points so there is nothing for you to do and you can check on your points in your benscycle.com account at any time. Remember, the points earned at benscycle.com can ONLY be applied to purchases on benscycle.com. Likewise, Reward Points (through Perksville) earned at the shop on 1018 Lincoln Avenue in Milwaukee can only be applied to in-store purchases.number of points you can earn.

How to view Reward Points:

1.Reward Points are automatically calculated on every product page

2.You can see a detail view your total Reward Points in your account page on benscycle.com.

 Account View

From anywhere on our site - Click on "My Account" to view your account.
Then Click here to expand Rewards view.

 Account Rewards View

3.On the Shopping Cart page

 List of points you'll be earning with your current order (per product & total)

 Show any point available for use and the ability to apply them to your current order (if points are available)


In this case - I had 1390 points that I applied to my current order (zeroing my loyalty points).
Saving $13.90 on my order.