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Milwaukee Bicycle Co. - Bike Polo Head - UHMW SM Monohead 304-659-11

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Length: 5.0In

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Product Description

Milwaukee Bicycle Company Monohead - Small Mouth (SM) Version

Our 100% USA manufactured Mallet head is made with the best UHMW available. This is NOT a recycled, low grade head.
We take extreme pride in our heads since their introduction over two years ago with the "two-piece" model. We were constantly experimenting and pushing until we had an 80-85g 5.25" 2-piece head for our team that was not only light, but lasted. Now we feel we have the design down we simply applied our experience and knowledge to the 1-piece design.
Our Monohead is 2.5" OD. Comes pre-drilled with four 0.185" shaft holes; just open them up the rest of the way to your shaft size and your head will be perfectly centered. Our head is not dedicated to one style of attachment.

  • Includes one head
  • Single capped end
  • Pre-drilled for shaft
  • Center rib
  • White Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW)
  • Length: 4.5" (114mm), 5.0" (127mm), 5.5" (127mm)
  • Outer diameter: 2.5" (64mm)*
  • Inner diameter(SM - open end): 2.05" (52mm)*
  • 4.5": 77g +/-1g, 5.0": 83g +/-1g, 5.5": 90g +/-1g

  • 100% Made in USA*these heads are designed to be as light as possible. therefore exercise caution in drilling them out.

    FAQ -
    Q: Why is your head less expensive than other heads out there?
    A: Great question; we can only speculate that making heads over seas is actually more expensive than here in the states. We have a industry standard margin on our product; we could have gouged our customers and charge more for our head, but that's not our style. On top of that we ONLY use the highest grade UHMW available so don't think we're skimping :)