Fixcraft DGel Hardcourt Bike Polo Ball - Hot Weather Canadian Orange 866-101-15

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Product Description

Dgel has several years and a lot ofresearch and development into problems the Hockey world faces. This isinformation that can be utilized in hardcourt for a better game. Themost important problem they solved being abrasion resistance anddurability in high heat. The solution is a highly sophisticated,proprietary formula that is a closely guarded secret. In short, nocompetitor to Dgel is using the same plastic formula. All balls are notcreated equal, and those who sing the praises of the lovingly coined"Canadian Orange" are some of the loudest. Actually, THE loudest. Weheard you, and we had to have it.

Besides the top notch proprietary formula that greatly reducessoftness and stickiness in heat, another area the Canadian Orangereally excels is in it's predictability. You have a better idea howit's going to play off the wall or your wheel, and where it's going togo. There is a very simple reason for this that most overseas plantscan't accomplish. The balls are cooked in dgels molds at a slower rateso that when they are finished baking, they are more balanced. Thefaster you slam a ball through the molding process, the more out ofbalance it is going to be. Dgel is a small, North American based,family owned company that has put everything into their product and weare proud to have partnered with them for the classic Canadian Orange91a durometer Hardcourt model.

• Higher heat stability and abrasion (stickiness) resistance
• Super High Density, approximately 91a durometer
• Proprietary formula developed and used only by DGEL
• 2.75" (70mm) diameter
• 70 grams
• Recommended temperatures of 60 degrees and higher
• New brighter orange color
• the same classic Dgel canadian orange model, now easier to get.