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Milwaukee Bicycle Co. Polo Guard V1 Sugino XD - 35t Black 304-274-26

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Product Description

Fora crankset option read below to get a set of black or silver (165mm or170mm) XD arms for$30 extra with the purchase of a PoloGuard!
*NOTE - If you return the pologuard and keep the cranks, 35 dollars will be deducted from your return refund for the full price of the crankset. Type Special Order in the search bar, type 30.00 in the price box and the color/size of the crank arms you'd like in the description box.

V1 Designed for the Sugino XD 110bcd cranks- One of the reasons why we chose those cranks is availability; unlike other smaller closet manufacturers, these cranks will always be available.

The 35 tooth ring - Making some of the smallest ring sizes possible adds to the strength of the system.

The gear ratios - a 35t chainring and the following cogs/freewheels gets you this assortment of gear inches

  • 12t - 78.8"
  • 13t - 72.7"
  • 14t - 67.5"
  • 15t - 63.0"
  • 16t - 59.1"
  • 17t - 55.6"
  • 18t - 52.5"
  • 19t - 49.7"
  • 20t - 47.3"
  • 21t - 45.0"
  • 22t - 43.0"

We wanted to fit ratios that allowed a polo player to ride to a match with a small cog on one side of the wheel, and flip it to the polo gearon the other side of the wheel after they arrive at the match.

CNC'd out of 7075 T6 Aluminum - one of the most durable alloys available and the choice of material for many professional track racing chainrings. So you should get miles and miles and miles of use.

Chain Width- We used the Izumi 1/8" Super V chain as the baseline width for this guard. So do you have to use the Super V? Absolutely Not, feel free to use any 9.5mm width (pin width) 1/8" chain.

 Pricepoint - Sugino XD's in 165 or 170mm /Silver or Black arms and the Polo Guard as a crankset for $130.

NOTE- It is no secret that chains and chainrings wear with each other. Chain stretch is the number one reason chainrings go bad. So if you want this all-in-one to last you as long as possible, change your chain every year (if not twice a year) before the chain stretch ruins the teeth. If you want to make things really easy on yourself buy a Park CC-3C Chain Wear Indicator and check your chain frequently.