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Base Labor Estimates (Prices can vary by bike - Parts not included) Price
Bike Wash in Wash Bay $20.00
Basic Tune Up $95.00
Standard Tune $160.00
Overhaul $425.00
Install Tube, Tire or Tire Liner/Mr. Tuffy $10.00
Install Tube, Tire ELECTRIC HUB Wheel $35.00
Tubeless Tire Install- w/ Tape, Valve and Sealant - Per Wheel $40.00
Tubeless Tire Change w/ Sealant $25.00
Wheel True - Depending on Severity $10.00-$35.00
Wheel Build - Complete/Custom $75.00
Spoke Replacement $25.00
Hub Adjust - Depending on Hub $10.00-$40.00
Hub Overhaul - Depending on Hub $30.00-$50.00
Headset Adjust - Depending on Headset $10.00-$25.00
Headset Overhaul - Depending on Headset $20.00-$50.00
Headset Install - A-Head $25.00
Rear Derailleur Adjustment $10.00-$30.00
Front Derailleur Adjustment $10.00-$30.00
Shift Cable Install - Depending on Cable Routing $15.00-$40.00
Brake Cable Install - Depending on Cable Routing $15.00-$40.00
Cassette / Freewheel Install $10.00
Bottom Bracket Installation - Depending on Bottom Bracket $20.00-$40.00
Adjustable Bottom Bracket Service $20.00
Adjustable Bottom Bracket Overhaul $40.00
Crankset Install $20.00
Chainring Install / Per Ring $15.00
Fork Install - Depending on Fork $20.00-$40.00
Flat / Riser Bar Install $25.00
Road Bar Install $40.00
Grip Install $5.00-$10.00
Tape Road Bar $20.00
Clip On Aero Bar Install $30.00
Stem Install $15.00
Stem Install (Non-Removable Faceplate) - Depending on Bar Configuration $20.00-$30.00
Rim Brake Install - Per Brake - Depending on Brake $15.00-$25.00
Disc Brake Install - Mechanical - Per Brake $35.00
Disc Brake Install - Hydro - Per Brake $50.00
Brake Bleed - Per Brake - Depending on Brake $35.00-$45.00
Pro Build (Labor Only) $300-$500.00
Suspension Service Price
Fork - Mid-Season $75.00
Fork - Annual $130.00
Shock - Mid-Season $50.00
Shock - Annual - Depending on Shock $150.00-$190.00

Tune Up Details


Basic Tune ($95) Standard Tune ($160) Overhaul ($425)
Complete bolt check 40-60 bolts Basic Tune plus:(Add $50 for Full Suspension, Triathlon, and Fully Integrated Aero Bikes ) Standard Tune plus: (Add $100 for Full Suspension, Triathlon, and Fully Integrated Aero Bikes)
Check and adjust bottom bracket Bike wash in wash bay New cables & housing for derailleurs and brakes included
Rear derailleur hanger alignment Clean and grease bottom bracket interface New rim-brake pads
True wheels Clean and grease headset interface Handlebar tape installation labor included
Check hub play and adjust if possible Clean and grease/paste seatpost interface Other parts and installation extra
Adjust rim brakes    
Check tire wear    
Check drivetrain wear - chain, cassette, chainrings    
Adjust shifting    
Check and adjust headset    
Rag clean chain and lube    
Lube derailleur pivots    
Lube cables if needed    
Parts and installation is extra